The Villages, Florida: America’s Fastest Growing Small Town

Known affectionately as America’s friendliest hometown, The Villages, Florida has also become recognized as the fastest growing small town in the country, according to Forbes magazine. What’s the secret to the town’s success. The vast majority of the residents living in The Villages, FL are 65+ years of age, and they absolutely love it here.

Just five short years ago, a little over 72,000 residents called The Villages home. By the time the US census was taken in 2010, that figure had grown to nearly 95,000, an increase of around 30 percent. During a period of slow economic growth and struggling real estate markets, some 2,300 further households purchased homes in the area in 2011. And this expansive trend in growth appears poised to continue for the foreseeable future.

The Villages, Florida is a 23,000 acre planned community for retirees that offers residents a wide range of creature comforts. Some of the-villages-floridathe most popular amenities include more than 50 swimming pools, 80 restaurants, a dozen medical centers and a variety of golf courses featuring a combined total of over 500 holes of golf.

Just about everything in town is accessible by golf cart thanks to a well-planned network of streets and trails that weave through the area. In fact, this transportation option is one of the many reasons that make The Villages such a promising destination for retirees. According to The Village Voice, some 80,000 local residents own at least one golf cart.

With live entertainment every night and countless clubs to get involved with, The Villages has positioned itself as an ideal location for people hoping to stay active well into their golden years. The population attracts a variety of live performances from well-known musicians throughout the year, and there is live music every night at town centers that always attract a large audience.

As for clubs and other organizations, there are more opportunities for socializing and pursuing different interests at The Villages, Florida. The most comprehensive list of clubs in The Villages is some 96-pages long and can be found at From woodworking and gardening to sports and tea, there’s something for just about everyone in this fast growing retirement community.

As it stands now, one in six Florida residents is aged 65 or older. According to recent projections, that figure is expected to grow to one in four by the year 2030. As an aging generation of Baby Boomers look south for the perfect place to retire, the phenomenon known as The Villages, Florida will only continue its exponential growth.